Monday, 29 July 2013

Goon Doomsday - Complete failure, or a successful scam?

Yesterday was the day of more than one war for the Goons.  One was the final battle in the fountain war, for the shield timer of 6VDT-H.  The other was announced as a full high sec invasion of the home system of the Goonswarm Federation, VFK-IV where the Mittanigrad station lies.  This post is about the latter.

A 3 month old player, Harry Forever, who has appointed himself "King HighSec" took to the forum on 18th June to officially declare war on the goons.  He then followed that up on 3rd July by arranging the Goon Doomsday event on 28th July  The plan was simple.  Gather up every high sec player they could muster and throw everything they had at VFK-IV.  The aim of this was to cause chaos in the heart of the Goonswarm Federation causing them to failure cascade and collapse.  It was and interesting proposal, and it gathered quite a bit of activity on the EVE-O forums.  The idea evolved and prizes for best goon kill and most goon kills and the like were considered.  Donations ensued and the prize bank looked pretty appetising for any high sec newbie.  Considering all that was required was to fly a 10m Catalyst down to Deklein and try to gun down some goons in groups for the chance to win a Tengu or a Navy Issue Drake, it all seemed pretty good.  People were posting suggestions and ideas, and even the goons themselves were posting ideas to help the newbies be more effective.

The Problems
There were many problems throughout this event.  First and foremost what the organiser. Harry knows very little about the game, and is completely unwilling to learn.  Any attempts to provide him with help or educate him results in him immediately insulting the other party, then adding them to the blocklist.
There then is the problem of planning.  No plan was put in place to help the high sec players get down there.  Individual high sec players were expected to set VFK as their destination and get themselves down there.  This caused a bit f a problem as the main target audience for this event was high sec newbies and they are unlikely to attempt the journey though bubbled gates to null sec.
Next was the preparation.  Rather than hold off until the last day, Harry spent a lot of time down there beforehand.  This not only dulled the effect of the event when it finally came to pass, but meant that the time that could have been spent recruiting and preparing for the event was lost.  Ideally, ships should have been set up in a nearby NPC null station, reducing down time for the high seccers.
And finally there was execution.  The execution was destined to fail due to the cascading failures from planning and preparation.  Numbers were light, attacks were sporadic, and downtime was long.

The Scam
From near the start of the event, Harry was collecting donations to be given out to participants for various different achievements throughout the event.  All of the donations had to be contracted to Harry, and Harry would be making all decisions about who received what prize and for what reason.  The better prizes in the end god handed to the guys Harry hang around with the most for reasons not originally mentioned in the original event post.  The strangest of these was when Harry gave himself the most expensive prize, a Tengu, to himself for "smacktalking".  Most event leaders would exclude themselves from any prize draw to prevent bias.  Not in this case.  That said, while I'd love to believe this was all an elaborate scam from the beginning as that would be the EVE way, in this case I think this was just Harry taking advantage of the opportunity afforded to him at the end.

Overall, the event claimed the lives of a few cyno ships (which would have self destructed anyway) and a couple of guys that chose to engage.  The biggest brawl involved a CFC Cynabal, Hurricane and Rattlesnake vs a Raven, a Tornado and a Thorax all belonging to Caldari Strike Force.  The CFC lost the hurricane while the CSF fleet was completely destroyed.  Not a bad trade-off from the CFC perspective.

So the whole event was a bit of a disappointment.  I'm CFC, sure, but it still would have been fun to have a big fleet to deal with.  Since the idea they were initially talking about was in essence the same techniques originally used by the Goons, fighting by quantity rather than quality.  A strange technique to say the least, but very entertaining.  But when you lack both quality and quantity, it's not very exciting to say the least.


  1. Congrats to your new blog again, first.

    In all fairness you should mention that the Tengu went back into the pot for the next events as a prize.

    The rest is a matter of interpretation... ;)

    1. Thanks :)

      Yeah, we'll see if there actually is another event yet :p

    2. There will be. No worries.

  2. It's an interesting concept. I've often thought about sponsoring something similar. Call it a Goon Hunt or something. :)

    20 billion or so in prizes should be enough to generate a fair bit of interest.

    1. It would indeed be an interesting concept. The main thing to remember would be to not fall into the same pitfalls as Harry.
      First and foremost, you need to get people out to null. So stage in an NPC null station nearby, and help people get down there. Harry left it up to the individual to arrange all transport and set up no forward stage, which put a lot of people off. Pick one with a medical bay so you can quickly get back to battle whenever you get killed.
      Secondly, define clear goals and measurements for prizes so people know how to win, and know you are not just trying to covertly scam.
      Thirdly, Lead! You need to lead them into battle. Most of the people you would be aiming to bring would not have experience in moving through null, so you'd need to help run ops into hostile space.