Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Solitude - Building a Hub

For a considerable amount of time now I've had a dream. A goal I have strived for outside of my nullsec lifestyle. That goal is the installation of a full market hub in solitude. It's always been something mulling over in the back of my mind and I've always though that some day I would realise that dream, but I've never taken the plunge.

An Idea Revitalised
A few days ago however an old friend of mine interested in exploration was speaking to me about where to explore and casually I mentioned Solitude, which he thought sounded perfect. That really brought the idea forward in my mind. Then the a day later, in the MD forum, a player named Hythlodaus posted a thread directed at Solitude traders and manufacturers to work toward fairer pricing structures in Solitude. And that was it, I was hooked in. A Solitude hub must be made!

A Plan is Born
Working out what would need to be done and how to achieve it is an ongoing process but I had to begin at the beginning.  Now first things first, I had to decide where to make this hub.  The idea is to create a hub about the size of Hek.  This means an overall amount of around 2 Trillion isk will need to be invested in this station, which is a hefty amount, probably impossible for a solo trader, but more on that later.

Looking around the region I chose to settle in Maire, as it's fairly central to the high sec systems. Specifically I chose the station Maire V - Moon 2 - Quafe Company Factory. Partially I chose this because Quafe is awesome, and partially I chose it because the market in that station was small, giving me the additional challenge of competing with the other stations trading in Solitude.

I decided to devote 2 character slots to the cause, one an old spare alt with a couple of million SP, and the other a brand new alt. I created a corporation and called it Solitude Trading. The name not being taken hinted even further how much of a task this would be. I shipped my two alts out there and started laying down the groundwork, getting logistics in place, setting up an office and beginning to gather blueprints and stock.  I've begun to set up PI across both characters and will expand on that going forward.

A Call to Arms (or ledgers)
With the target of a 2T isk market, it's clear that a single player is going to take a considerable amount of time to build this hub.  More than that though, it will be further held back by the slow moving market due to the low population in Solitude.  With limited spare liquidity, limited imported stock from standard high sec, slow sales and no competitors, it will be a long trek indeed.

And that's where I call on all of you for help.  Almost anything will be of help.  If you have a spare trader, set up shop in the hub, competition breeds a healthy market.  If you have a missioner, miner or ratter, set that up in Solitude and help the population grow.  If you are an explorer, Solitude is definitely for you.  The number of exploration sites and wormholes seems to be considerably higher than anywhere else in high sec.  Failing all of that, isk and item donations to my alt, Tim Timpson of Solitude trading will be welcomed.  100% of all donations will go to stocking the market at as low a margin as I can push without stifling the possibility of competition.

The Celebration
To celebrate the forming of a new hub, I'd also like to host an in-game event in Solitude.  This will likely be next month, or early in the new year (edit: now put on hold until further notice).  The idea of this event will be to celebrate the opening of the hub, and bring people from all around into Solitude.  Competitions and prizes will be planned, with prizes being ships and items based in Solitude and eligibility for them requiring the participant to be in solitude.  Any ideas towards any of this would also be very welcome and can be mailed to Tim Timpson.

To coincide with the celebration I'd also like to get a poster made.  In my head I've got this idea of an old fashioned circus poster style thing, but with EVE stuff, but faded and tinged with sepia tones with the announcement of the opening of solitude, the station: Maire V - Moon 2 - Quafe Company Factory, and room to a to be determined date.  So if you're an artist and would be happy to design this, it would be much appreciated.

For anyone that decides to help, you have my thanks.  I'll be posting about the progress of this venture in this blog, and going forward will be setting up a page to contain the details.  I'll detail the names of anyone that's pledged to help in any way on that list, so if you don't want your name listed, please let me know.

Thanks all for taking the time to give this a read, and I hope to see you in Solitude shortly.


  1. I plan on setting up on Octanneve eventually. That's right next door to Maire. Probably won't happen for 2-3 months though, Devoid and Genesis are both ahead of Solitude on my expansion list.

    Having a T2 trader next door selling at reasonable prices will certainly be good for business.

  2. I find it surprising that you decided to compete with current traders (a new hub) rather than building on whats already there.

    As a buyer its a MUCH worse experience having to jump from station to station to get what I need.

    1. I like a challenge, and making a fresh hub is the most challenging :D
      The idea is that you won't need to move station to station. Eventually the hub will stock everything. I've already started putting together a list of everything that needs to be sold there that will mean the hub has everything you can get in all other stations in the region.

  3. You might find this handy


    For example for a list of all the items lost in killmails in Solitude recently with a list of how many are for sale in Maire at what prices.


    1. Thanks.
      I use eve-marketdata functions like that a lot. What I'm looking through at the moment though is using a direct pull from EMDR to work out what's actually moving within the region. I've done a bit of testing the water and seem to be putting out the right sort of items so far, just need to find the time to invest in it.

      Still the issue at the moment though is trying to get people to want to be there. all the marketing in the world will do no good without more people living there.

  4. I just spent six weeks running a market in Solitude. This is kind of amusing to me after that.

  5. :D
    Yours was a null market though right? for your alliance? It's a little different to buildign a high sec hub