Thursday, 19 February 2015

CSM X Candidate Analysis: Steve Ronuken

Steve Ronuken is one of the CSM IX incumbents running for re-election in CSM X.  His platform this year is much the same as last year, with his main focus points being Industry and Third Party Development.

Steve is a highsec industrialist, running mainly T2 production with a little bit of trade, so his main expertise is in highsec.  That said, he has a wide ranging understanding of industry in EVE Online.  If you've had any serious interest in industry, chances are you will have stumbled upon Steve's website, Fuzzwork Enterprises and if you haven't stumbled on it, bookmark it now.  Fuzzwork is a site which has a vast array of tools to help with industry, general PvE and third party development.  With each new release of the static data export, he also offers up conversions of that from CCP's formats to various other formats (like MySQL and PostgreSQL) to save people the chore of doing that (thanks Steve).  Oh and he also runs EVE Lexicon, so you can better understand EVE speak, and EVE Bloggers which is an easy to use site which combines feeds from a plethora of EVE blogs, and he seems to have a lot of love for Twitter's bootstrap.

Anyway, enough with getting side-tracked, back to the subject.  Steve's previous work on the CSM has helped push forward the third party development side of EVE, with CREST having plenty of updates and improvements over the last year.  As I'm a developer by trade and just love digging into APIs and chucking together little tools on the weekends, this is a big plus from my point of view.  Steve is one of the only if not the only CSM that has such a focus on third party tools, which is crazy since I imagine most players have used third party tools in conjunction with EVE, such as EVE-central, EVEMon, EFT, Pyfa or JEveAssets to name a few.  This year he plans to continue that work to help make CREST as useful as possible.

Outside of that, Steve wants industry further iterated upon.  Changes in recent times have made improvements but he wants to see more work on further refining it down, and working on things like industry corporations which right now are more often than no one guy sitting in a corp of alts.  On mining, Steve also has some ideas.  From his campaign post, he states:
"I'd (still) like to see more activities added to mining. I don't want to take away the 'target rock, turn on laser, wait' method, but I want to see the ability to mine in a faster, but less efficient fashion (asteroid chunks flying everywhere). I want to see a new way to find the asteroids in the first place. And finally, I want to see the ability to claim the asteroids you find for your corp, so someone mining them from under you, becomes a legal target for you."
This is a sentiment I am very much on board with.  I'm of the opinion that active gameplay mechanics are far better for the game than passive ones, and that players being able to retain as much efficiency as they do while AFK is a problem point for the game.

Steve's interview on the Cap Stable podcast was very good.  He came across well-spoken and intelligent, and is a confident candidate answering the questions with very little hesitation.  Much of what he covers in his interview is contained within his campaign post without too much variation, which is a good sign that his campaign is solid, and not likely to change at a moment's notice, though you would expect that from a CSM member having already served a term.

Overall I'm 100% behind Steve's campaign and he'll likely secure the top spot on my vote list.  I know as a nullsec member I'm supposed to be voting for all things null, but I'm a developer and an industry player first, and let's face it, enough focus goes into nullsec.  You should definitely check out Steve's campaign and see how it looks to you.  As with most of the candidates, he'll be happy to answer any questions you have in his CSM campaign thread.

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  1. Hi Lucas!

    I just wanted to say that your posts on the CSM X have been nothing short of amazing. I've been thinking about it coming up for the past few days and I haven't really had the time to research the candidates, but your writeups have been really informative. As a highsec T2 industrialist, I'm definitely interested in what Steve and Mike in particular have to say. I knew Steve had my vote, but Mike sounds amazing too.

    Anyway, the tl;dr version of this is that I'm really grateful for these CSM updates, and I wanted you to feel appreciated.

    Carlos Risco