Friday, 20 March 2015

EVE Trailer - Fanfest 2015

During the keynote yesterday CCP released their latest EVE trailer.  In this trailer they highlight sleepers as a threat, show that Caroline's star content is coming and confirm the newly exposed structures are part of this.  They also mention Jove space going dark.  From a lore perspective the trailer is pretty good, but it doesn't really explain what is going to be happening from a gameplay perspective, so that's still a question.  For example, is it going to be like incursions, a full outright war between NPCs and players, and what areas of space will it affect and how?  Ah well, all questions aside it's a pretty god trailer, so give it a go.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

EVE: Valkyrie Trailer - Fanfest 2015

This morning, a new Valkyrie trailer was shown at Fanfest which I thought really shows off what the game will be capable of quite well.  While it's difficult to put across on a 2D screen what you would see in a VR headset, this video goes a long way to achieving that somewhat as it's all in-game footage.  It's certainly captured my interest in Valkyrie a little more.

CSM X Results - Announced

The CSM X results have just been announced in the EVE Online Keynote at fanfest. With 75 candidates to choose from (a record number) and over 36,000 votes (a significant improvement on last year) the CSM voting for this year seems to have been better from both candidates and players points of view.

The two CSM members with the highest number of votes and thus the permanent attendees are:
Manfred Sideous
Sugar Kyle

The other successful candidates are (in alphabetical order):
Cagali Cagali
Chance Ravinne
Jayne Fillon
Mike Azariah
Sion Kumitomo
Sort Dragon
Steve Ronuken
Thoric Frosthammer

Congratulations to all of the above. We will hold you to high standards, so don't let the players down!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

It's Fanfest Time!

So today I've arrived in Iceland for fanfest.  For the first night I've decided to take it easy.  Had a few beers, ad great burger and am chilling out to a movie for a while.  Tomorrow I'll do the majority of the sightseeing part of the trip, as I'm attending the Golden Circle Tour.  I didn't do this last year so am very much looking forward to it.  After that of course I plan to consume far too much alcohol.

For Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I plan to continue the drinking and burger eating while attending as many of the events as I can.  Interestingly I've decided that I might give the Sovereignty 5.0 event a miss.  It really should be one that I attend, but I'm sure I'll be able to swiftly catch up on what was said there and I really want to attend a couple of the player driven events, and the ones at that time seem to be pretty interesting to me.  I've pretty much made up my mind what the Sov changes mean to me personally anyway, and other than deciding how I want to proceed with that understanding there's not much more I need to hear about the changes.  That said, I will be attending one of the Sov round tables as I'm very interested in seeing what other players want to say following that event.

So all in all, my plan is as follows:

All Day - Golden Circle Tour
Later - BEER!

12:00 - Opening Keynote: Welcome to Fanfest and the Future of VR
13:00 - A Brutor Guide to Empyrean Health
13:25 - Pro Space Truckers
14:00 - Game Design Panel
15:00 - Null Sec and Sovereignty 1
16:00 - Cap Boosting Your EVE
17:00 - EVE Online Keynote
Later - BEER!

11:00 - Community Fansites
12:00 - Totally Awesome 3rd Party Dev Info
13:00 - Survival Guide in Legacy Code
14:00 - Ship and Module Balance
15:00 - CSM Panel
16:00 - Data Science
17:00 - Worlds Collide
21:00 - Pub Crawl

11:00 - Confessions of an EVE Trillionaire
11:25 - Free time
12:00 - EVE UI
13:00 - Future Vision of Structures
14:00 - Future of PvE in New Eden
15:00 - New Player Experience
16:00 - CCP Security - Better Safe Than Sorry!
17:00 - Closing Ceremony
20:00 - Party on top of the world

Morning - Blue Lagoon
After that - Going home

I may not attend all of those, or perhaps may just leave some early as there may be times I want to just wander, grab some food or whatnot, but that's the plan I'll be sticking relatively close to.  If you see me about (I look like a less cool, less muscular version of my avatar with fuzzier hair) feel free to say hello.