Thursday, 19 March 2015

CSM X Results - Announced

The CSM X results have just been announced in the EVE Online Keynote at fanfest. With 75 candidates to choose from (a record number) and over 36,000 votes (a significant improvement on last year) the CSM voting for this year seems to have been better from both candidates and players points of view.

The two CSM members with the highest number of votes and thus the permanent attendees are:
Manfred Sideous
Sugar Kyle

The other successful candidates are (in alphabetical order):
Cagali Cagali
Chance Ravinne
Jayne Fillon
Mike Azariah
Sion Kumitomo
Sort Dragon
Steve Ronuken
Thoric Frosthammer

Congratulations to all of the above. We will hold you to high standards, so don't let the players down!

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