Thursday, 23 April 2015

Mosaic Update - Coming 28th April

Yesterday CCP released a dev blog announcing the changes coming in their latest update which they are calling Mosaic.  These have all been public and being talked about for a while, and it looks like a pretty good update as far as they go.  You can view all of the updates on the new EVE Updates site but you can find a brief overview of the bigger features below:

Ship Skins
We'll be seeing ships skins arriving in this update.  I'm not really one for caring much about ship skins, but with this being a cosmetic change and one I know a lot of players have been passionate about for a very long time, it's great to see this coming in.  These will be usable and bound to a character (and sold with the character if they are sold) allowing you to place the skin on the appropriate ship whenever you want forever (or for a certain time with time-limited skins, which can be found as drops in-game).  This is a better option than the one-use skins we've seen up to now, as it will mean there's no reason not to fly your skinned ships into battle.

Null Sec Ore Rebalance
This is a big one.  Ore across nullsec will be getting shaken up by changing the composition of the top end ores.  They will all be designed to focus on one primary high end mineral, so Arkonor will no longer produce Zydrine but will produce more Megacyte, Bistot will produce less Megacyte and more Zydrine, Crokite will produce less Zydrine and more Nocxium, you get the picture.  The ore anomalies in null sec will also be changed so the volume of each ore available will change.  In addition to this, the Zydrine and Megacyte consumption of all blueprints in the game (minus a couple of exceptions) will be doubled.  Full information about this can be seen on the forum here.

3D Starmap
This has been in beta for a little while and is a vast improvement over the old map system.  Takes a little bit of getting used to but it looks much nicer, feels much nicer and has vastly improved features, not least of which the ability to view it in a window so you don't go blind when using it.  This gets fully rolled out with Mosaic.

Assembly Effects for Structures - And Forcefield Effects
Another graphical update, and again very cool, this changes the way structures in space deploy with a cool light show.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's a picture.  If you take a trip over to the dev blog about this you can see this picture amongst others and a demonstration video for your viewing pleasure.  The forcefields for control towers will also be getting an update.  I'm certain this has been done a number of times now, so you have to wonder how much they can keep updating a sphere.  That said it does look pretty nice.

Opportunities System
The is the new tutorial system for new players, which is now being rolled out across the board, where previously it was being split tested to make sure it was ready to go.  I've not had a chance to play around with this yet but have heard from friends that have that it has vastly improved on the old system.  A good question around this though is what happens to the old career agents?  I'm really not sure if they are staying or going and it's only just occurred to me to consider them.  I'll make a note to find out about that.

Skill Queue Imports
This is going to be an awesome time saver.  After April 28th, you'll be able to copy and paste skill lists straight into your queue to train them.

Two-factor authentication using Goole Authenticator (or email if you can't/won't use that) will be coming out for EVE websites and account management.  At this point the game won't be using it, but that will likely come in the future.  This is a long awaited security step which I'm glad CCP are finally taking (though every time I try to log into any service which needs it makes me go "GAH!", but I'll be using it anyway).

Confessor and Svipul Rebalance
So the T3 destroyers were overpowered.  Following this update they will not be so overpowered.  They are pretty cool ships but anyone that's used them had to have known this was coming (plus they mentioned it at fanfest).  Hopefully this will bring them down to a more reasonable level while keeping them popular.  It'll be interesting to see how the new destroyers fit in power-wise too and whether or not they too will roll out too strong.  Their new stats were released on the forum at the beginning of April.

New Role Bonus: +50% Small Energy Turret Damage
Highslots: 6 (-1)
Turrets: 4 (-2)
Powergrid: 62 (-18)
CPU: 180 (-10)
Max Velocity: 235 (-45)
Mass: 2,000,000kg (-400,000)
Inertia: 2.7 (+0.55)
Shield Recharge Time: 800s (+175s)
Capacitor Recharge Time: 320s (+20s)

New Role Bonus: +50% Small Projectile Turret Damage
Highslots: 6 (-1)
Turrets: 4 (-2)
Powergrid: 59 (-19)
CPU: 205 (-10)
Max Velocity: 230 (-60)
Mass: 1,500,000 (-400,000)
Inertia: 3.5 (+0.85)
Shield Recharge Time: 800s (+175s)
Capacitor Recharge Time: 240s (+15s)

Corporation Roles Interface
This interface is being updated to be a lot more user friendly and simpler to use.  It's not the massive overhaul to the entire corporation management system we've begged and pleaded after for so long, so corporation management will still be a nightmare, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.

Damage Control Icon
Saving the worst for last, the icon for the damage control is getting changed.  The reasons for this I do not know, but what I do know is that the little suitcase will be going.  o7 little suitcase.

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