Sunday, 31 May 2015

A wild scambling website appears! Again...

Recently on the EVE-O forums a player called YourSherpa popped up with a thread announcing yet another scam gambling website under creation.  This one is called EVE-Summit, and it's looking to become a news site with gambling.  The owner isn't beating around the bush with this one and has outright stated that the goal of this website is financial success, which in my eyes means that it's operating as a business running in-game activities, so will be in breach of the EULA from the moment it launches.

Now don't get me wrong, I have no problem with fansites trying to recoup some or all of their running costs, nor do I have a problem with scams (which these gambling sites inevitably are), but I do have a problem with players looking to draw income from in-game activities and items, as whatever way you swing it, that is RMT.

Essentially these sites all work the same, they get players to cycle ISK though on their game while they shill out winnings on disposable shill accounts.  They then funnel that ISK back in as "prizes" to bring in more players to increase their profits.  While it's difficult to prove it's also widely believe that these types of sites funnel a significant amount of ISK to illegitimate RMT sites, and with the number of players tending to use them it's difficult to separate actual winners from shills.  They all differ in how they give out their ISK and how they generate their income, but the outcome is the same.

I'm hopeful that CCP is moving to a position where these types of sites are stopped sooner rather than later.  Somer BLINK got away with it for some time, but following their closure the rules have been much tighter, and with iwantisk recently receiving a block from the in-game browser there's definitely signs that these types of sites are not being received very well.  As a playerbase, we can do our own part by refusing to sign up for these sites and encouraging others to avoid them too.  Don't subscribe to their channels or streams and don't visit any of their links, especially without an ad blocker.  Visiting on your in-game browser with trust or signing up is a definite one to avoid since that will provide them with both your IP and character names allowing them to build a database of who is an alt of who, something they may choose to leverage later.

As was to be expected, when I raised RMT concerns on their thread I got the standard response where this one is different, though these guys were much more open about the fact that this is for cash, not just for adding content supporting the game they love.  It's no surprise though, YourSherpa's history is hardly that of an EVE fan.  He played a few years ago for a couple of years, left, then seemingly returned now that he thinks he can grab some quick cash from EVE players.

While posting I was listening to their stream and hearing them trying to rally the players they've collected so far into some kind of defense which never materialised.  The best part though was when they started talking about Somer, fundamentally misunderstanding why Somer were banned.  They also claimed that rather than shutting down Somer should have started legal proceedings!  CCP can actually ban people for no reason if they like, completely legally, so I can't imagine a site blatantly violating the EULA would last very long challenging a ban through the legal system.

All in all this is just another RMT scammer site and should be avoided.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


CCP have once again started their PLEX for GOOD campaign rolling, this time to help people in Nepal following the recent devastating earthquake there.  If you don't know what PLEX for GOOD is, it's a great way for you to turn your in game riches into real world donations to help those in need. More information on how it works can be found in the official dev blog, but the most important part is:
To make your PLEX for GOOD donation:
  • Contract one or more PLEX to the "CCP PLEX for GOOD" character on a 14-day item exchange contract.
  • Contracts will be accepted within 24 hours of submission, though usually sooner than that.
Please ensure the receiving character is the one named above, and double check the character is in the C C P Corporation to avoid contracting PLEX to the incorrect character. CCP cannot guarantee the return of PLEX contracted to the wrong character.

Additionally, if you don't have the isk to buy and donate PLEX, and want to donate in smaller amounts, several people run operations to pool isk which gets converted into PLEX and donated towards the end of the campaign.  Notably, Chribba is running such an operation, details of which can be seen on his thread here.  It's important to note that any scamming involving the PLEX for GOOD campaign results in a permanent ban, so don't do that, and report it if you see it.  As CCP Falcon put it:
I will reiterate that any scamming relating to PLEX for GOOD will result in the offending parties being quite literally removed from existence in EVE Online.
This is a worthwhile campaign which helps real people in need, and allows you to do what you do in game to help them.  So get ratting, get mining, get trading, get your pew pew on, and get that PLEX to the people that need it.