Thursday, 12 November 2015

Fountain War Book - The Kickstarter

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for a while, you should have heard of the Fountain War Book which is currently seeking funding on kickstarter.  There's a lot of opinions being thrown around about it, though less on reddit now that there's a ban on discussing it following a load of vote manipulation.

The criticisms pretty much boil down to one of two things:
1. It's being created by The Mittani (in collaboration with CCP and written by Jeff Edwards) therefore is bad - the "Grr Goons" argument.
2. The funding goal is $150,000 therefore it is bad.

Now the "Grr Goons" arguments barely needs a mention.  Anyone with an ounce of sense knows it's not only irrational, but quite literally retarded to take the fact that you hate a group in game and use that as your reasoning for keeping the EVE Online universe out of a novel.  Jeff Edwards has made it clear that he has creative control over the book and that he's looking to get as much input from non-goon groups involved in the war as he can.

The funding goal argument confuses me.  Some people are saying "They want $150k, therefore I'm not going to fund it".  But they don't want $150k from each player, and it's not like getting the book itself as a reward is expensive ($10 digital, $15 paperback) so their total is irrelevant to you as a potential backer.  The total is purely what they need to achieve to make it worthwhile for Jeff to stop working for the time it takes to research and write the book.  That's like saying "I won't spend $500 on this TV because they are selling 1000 of them!  $500,000 is ludicrous for some TVs!".

My position is this: I'm in full support of this book.  I'm in support of any new forms of media being pushed through about EVE (as long as they've gone through the correct channels for CCP approval) because it's good for EVE.  The real question you have to ask yourself is "If this kickstarter fails, what's the chance that someone else is going to be able to release quality media based on he EVE universe".  Honestly, I see this as a test for the community.  If we can't successfully back a novel being created by a best selling author, the most famous player in EVE and CCP themselves, then it's unlikely we'll ever see the EVE universe continuing to branch out beyond the video games that CCP throw out.