Welcome to The Indecisive Noob!
This blog was originally based solely around EVE Online, but as time goes on I've decided to move to making it about games in general. EVE will still be a large part of the blog but there may be posts about other MMOs I play (like Elite: Dangerous and Final Fantasy 14) and in general any game I happen to be playing.

Anything I post on here will be my own opinions. If you disagree with them, great! Please comment, but please keep it clean. I'm happy for everyone to express their own views and don't mind seeing the occasional profanity, but I will enforce a level of decorum.

About EVE Online
EVE Online is a soon to be freemium space-based sandbox MMORPG, that's a real love it or hate it kind of thing. It's often described as the MMO evolution of games like Elite (the old Elite if you're old enough to remember it, not the new one).

If you want to give it a try, you can use the trial link below for an extended trial, and if you like it, I get free stuff!  So feel free to do that.  I'd advise running the tutorial and career missions if you've never played before.
Join EVE Online with Extended 21 day trial!

About Me
I'm Lucas Kell. I've been playing EVE for a long time, and I still don't think I've decided what I want to do. There are so many options for so many combinations of play style that it's hard to decide on just one or even a few. That's one of the great things about EVE, though, you're free to swap and change whenever you want.

I'd describe myself as an IndustrialTraderMissionMiner that dabbles in PvP. Even after all this time, compared to how much there is to know about EVE, to an extent I'm still a noob. With how the game evolves both with and without CCP's input, anyone that claims they aren't is probably a liar.

I'm currently a member of Solitude Trading, an independent ultra-carebear corp set up in Solitude with the aim of fleshing out the market in the highsec island in Solitude so it's a remotely reasonable place for people to set up.