Wholesale Trading

Following the closure of the in game Bulk Trade mailing list and monetisation of the Google group which replaced it, a new list was required for free in game bulk trade advertising.  Wholesale Trading was created to be that replacement.  This list continues to serve as a good place to advertise bulk trades, with thousands of mails having passed through it.

To join the list, open up your eve-mail in game, click Add Mailing List in the bottom left and type in Wholesale Trading.

What is this list?
This is an in-game mailing list to trade in larger volumes of goods. It's designed as a replacement to the defunct "Bulk Trade" list. The rules are slightly simpler, but the structure and use will be similar.
Any questions, comments or problems can be mailed to Shira Dian.

If you need support, or want a place to discuss trades, best practices, run auctions or just hang out for a friendly chat, you can use the Wholesale Trading chat channel which is run alongside this mailing list.

This is not an exhaustive list. For the most part the rules are simply this: Use common sense, keep the list clear of clutter and don't try to negatively impact the list or any of it's users.

Only items are to be traded on the Wholesale Trading mailing list. It is not for advertising or requesting services and not for auctions.

Only bulk trades are allowed. I'll not set specific limits for most items but 5+ for most things and 50k+ for ammo/minerals/etc. will be a good guideline.

Your email titles must contain WTB/WTS, and the name (or group name) of the items being sold. Where possible the quantity should also be given. Either the subject or body of the mail should contain the location.

Spamming will not be tolerated. While no hard limits will be placed on mails sent, please try to keep it reasonable. If you have multiple items to sell, send one mail for all of them rather than one for each. If you often send too many and could easily avoid it, you will be asked to reduce how many you send. Off-topic spamming will result in a ban. Purposely mass spamming the list will result in a permanent ban and a report to CCP for a ToS section 1 violation.

Scamming will not be tolerated at all. Any attempts to use this list to scam will result in a permanent ban, with no prior warnings.

Do not set a high CSPA charge (>50k). If you are found to have a high CSPA charge, you will receive a warning to change this before your next group mail.

Once completed, you should forward your email back in adding "SOLD" or "COMPLETE" or something to that effect to the beginning of your title.

All of these rules will be enforced, though the response will vary by severity of the breach and the intent of the offender. For most of the rules, a warning will be issued first giving you a chance to correct whatever breach has occurred. Warnings will last for 12 months. Further breaches with warnings on file will result in a 7 day ban, followed by a 30 day ban, then a permanent ban. Individual circumstances can skip some or all of these steps. Intentional breaches of the rules which detriment other users will result in more severe punishment. Punishment lengths can be varied as I feel is appropriate.

The aim of these rules is to be flexible enough to allow everyone freedom to trade, but strict enough to keep the list clean and functioning well. Warnings and bans will be mailed to the offender stating the reason, length and actions to take (if any). At no point will I accept any isk to restore access to the list. The best way to reduce bans is to simply obey the rules.

There is no charge for the use of this list, however donations are always appreciated.

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